Jonabel Moton

I went through many trials before I became a fighter, I pushed through it all, because I was the youngest in my family. My brothers told me that I must know how to survive. Before I was able to play in a Mixed Martial Arts league. I worked as an all around crew in a small Restaurant then work in a retail store as a seller so I can earn money. Due to peer pressure and bad influence of my workmates, I learned to engage in destructive vices and that became my world during that period of my life.Then after 2 years, it was my very own sister who encourage me to go back into doing sports Martial arts. I took the advice of my sister and thank God I succeeded on being a disciplined athlete again. And then my path crossed with UGB MMA Corp. , who has this great advocacy on helping Pinoy aspiring fighters. And I thanked God once again that I became one of its fighter scholars. With the help of UGBMMA and Mr. Ferdie Munsayac, I believe my career as a fighter has a better future.






116 lbs


Quezon City

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