The UGB MMA Corp.

What is UGB?

The UGB MMA Corp.

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UGB MMA Corp. (Underground Battle Mixed Martial Arts) is the Philippines’ most active MMA promotion that conducted 89 documented fight sports events. UGB MMA is easily the most exciting and fastest-rising fight sports promotion in the land.

UGB MMA brings Mixed Martial Arts to the fans by staging fights all over the country such as in the Benguet hills, Taguig City’s McKinley Hill, Puerto Galera beach, beside Loyola cemetery, Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall, the red-light district area in Pampanga, Resorts World Manila, Sta. Ana, Cagayan and other major provinces in the Philippines. 

The UGB MMA fight leagues are FUN FIGHT – Amateur Fight League, PREDATOR FIGHT SERIES, BLAZE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP, JUEGO TODO “Weaponized Cage Fighting”, UGB MMA CHAMPIONSHIP and Event Collaborations. Also, UGB MMA conducts Mixed Martial Arts workshops.  In 2015, UGB MMA became the official licensee of the Las Vegas-based World Series of Fighting (WSOF) Global in the country.

WSOF is the fourth biggest Mixed Martial Arts organization in the world, with presence in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia with the contract that ended December 15, 2018. UGB MMA’s current International affiliation is with Aspera Fighting Championship BRAZIL that started August 15, 2018 thus having the Aspera FC ASIA franchise.

UGB MMA Supports Local Fighters. UGB MMA provide avenues for Filipino mixed martial artists to showcase their talent. We currently have Four (4) Professional Athletes in Asia’s Largest MMA Promotion, ONE CHAMPIONSHIP. 

The likes of Jeremy “The Jaguar” Miado (Blaze Fighting Championship Strawweight Champion), Krisna “Phoenix” Limbaga (International WMC Muay Thai Atomweight Champion), Kaji “Alpha” Ebin and Rome “The Rebel” Trinidad. We also have Four (4) Professional Athletes in the Middle East’s Largest MMA Promotion, BRAVE COMBAT FEDERATION. The likes of Mark “Ruthless” Alcoba, Jason “Python” Vergara and Jayson “Oragon” Margallo and Ariel ”Lady” Oliveros. 

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UGB MMA Elevates the level of competition in the country. UGB MMA brings in international fighters to challenge our local bets. Our past and present UGB MMA title-holders are from Pakistan, United Kingdom, and two current champions are from the United States.

UGB MMA Advocates Filipino culture. In addition to the aforementioned fight leagues, we also have JUEGO TODO, which is a Weaponized Cage Fighting featuring FMA (Filipino Martial Arts) “Arnis / Kali / Escrima”. This is designed to promote the Philippines’ National Martial Art And Sports (Republic Act 9850) and for all FMA practitioners, especially the masters and grandmasters who we consider national treasures.

UGB MMA Exemplifies professionalism. Our leagues are known across the industry to be well-organized. We assemble the most thrilling fights, never without reliable officiating, high-level security, and a top-tier medical team.

UGB MMA Stands Up Against Poverty through Sports. UGB MMA gives opportunities to poor and deserving fighters. Through UGB MMA fighter orphanage, UGB MMA gives fighters shelter, food, supplements, and other necessities. UGB MMA have full-time fighter scholars who are given the greatest exposure, as well as part-time fighter scholars who are basically students or regular employees who want to experience fighting in the cage.

Who is Ferdinand “Papa Goat” Munsayac?

A brief history of UGB MMA.

UGB MMA, was created and founded by Ferdinand Munsayac, a former US Navy Chief who has always been fascinated with combat sports and martial arts.

So when he decided to retire in the Philippines after 20 years of military service, putting up a gym and fight sport promotion became his focus. Munsayac opened The Goat Locker Boxing Gym in 2011, which also offers Mixed Martial Arts, FMA and Muay Thai. He later launched a platform for amateur fighters designed to groom fighters before they plunged into professional leagues—thus Underground Battle MMA was born.

Ferdie created this company with the advocacy of helping talented yet underprivileged Filipino martial artists. Having had to go through many hardships himself, Ferdie knows what it is like to need help from others to achieve one’s dreams. That is why Ferdie has dedicated the past 8 years of his life-extending his help to the Filipino martial arts scene.

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The UGB MMA Fighters Boot Camp

With the advocacy of “beating up poverty”, UGB MMA conducts a reality show based on a military style boot camp for aspiring martial artists and fighters to move away from home for two months and endure intense martial arts training. UGB MMA offers fighters many great benefits during their two months of training such as:

  1. Free transportation to and from the venue.
  2. Free food.
  3. Free lodging and accommodation
  4. Free fighter’s apparel including fight shorts, jersey, and MMA gloves.
  5. Life insurance covered up to 3 Million pesos.
  6. A handsome progressive fight purse.
  7. The potential to have a very active fight career to UGB.
  8. International exposure due to fights being broadcasted online with a worldwide audience.
  9. All Year-round local TV exposure.
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UGB MMA has been producing numerous professional fighters like Jayson Margallo, Ariel Oliveros, Jomar “Rush” Manlangit, Jason Vergara, Kaji Ebin, and others through their scholarship program since 2013. Aspiring fighters from all over the country are given the opportunity to become better fighters with proper training and are also equipped with everything they need. From food, accommodation, fighting gears, and even allowances are provided to them by the company.

This year, UGB MMA has taken the scholarship program to another level by coming up with the UGB MMA Fighter Boot Camp. With the founder’s background in the military, Mr. Ferdie Munsayac conceptualized a program that combines the rigorous fighter training integrated with strict military training to produce world-class professional fighters from grass root level. 

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Aspiring fighters are carefully screened until only 20 aspirants will be selected to become the official recruits of the Fighter Boot Camp. These recruits will undergo the 2-month Fighter Boot Camp program and will be challenged physically, mentally, and emotionally. They will also train under international standard coaches specializing in different disciplines of martial arts such as Filipino Martial Arts, Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Muay Thai, and Wrestling. Only the top 5 recruits will graduate from the Fighter Boot Camp and will emerge as the official scholars of UGB. 

Since the UGB Fighter Boot Camp will be televised, the scholars are expected to get good exposure that will lead them to obtain good-quality sponsors. Aside from the free food, accommodation, and fighting gear that the company will provide, they will also get the benefit of being able to fight as frequently as they can due to UGB MMA’s regular event lineup giving them the opportunity to compete for international matches as well.

UGB MMA always has the welfare of aspiring fighters in mind and will always support them to attain their dreams The Fighter Boot Camp is just one of the programs of the company that encourages underprivileged aspirants to fight for their dreams.