Juvanie Bacus

Before he started his career as a fighter, he already went through a lot of challenges and circumstances in life. These are things he holds and gives him strength to fight. His childhood dreams are been dreamt of becoming a soldier and a chef. Being the eldest, his parents have their high hopes and expectations from him, and for the same reason, Juvanie will do everything and anything to make all the means for them. Then he thought of competing in the world of contact sports while doing odd jobs like a chef on a five star hotel.As Juvanie pursues the world of contact sports, it took him seven years to learn the discipline of Taekwondo and five years for Karate. And believes he still has a very long journey to master the art. Juvanie learned that to be a competitive fighter, one should have a promoter/endorser that supports, recognize and acknowledges the fighter’s potential. It took time for him to be noticed but an answered prayer came to his life. He became a full pledged Juego Todo and MMA competitor. This helps him a lot to where he is right now and to show everyone on that he can do better. As of now besides being a fighter, he is now under UGBMMA Fighter Management as a Matchmaker.Juvanie’s Fight records: (Kick Boxing 26-6-1) (Muay Thai 11-1-0) (amateur Boxing 2-0) (amateur MMA 6-2-0) (Pro MMA 1-4-0) (Juego todo 2-1-0)









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