Carls John De Tomas

He dreamed of becoming an accountant or an engineer because he excelled in mathematics as a student, but being the eldest son of professional fighter Charles De Tomas, combat sports has always been a part of CJ’s life. He started boxing at the early age of 5 joining amateur matches and tournaments. At 8 years old he started training for Muay Thai (75W-3L-0D) and became a coach for boxing and Muay Thai when he was 12. He then trained for MMA (10W – 0L – 0D) when he was 14. CJ “The Goldenboy” De Tomas became the youngest Filipino to join UFC at 20 years old and has continued to win in other professional events. One of his most memorable fights was when he won against Hideo Morikawa, the same fighter his father fought but lost to. For him, winning against Morikawa was like redeeming the victory for his father, Charles De Tomas. Today, CJ is a full-time MMA coach at the UGB Fighter Bootcamp. He is thankful and proud to be a part of UGB MMA because they share same advocacy of helping aspiring fighters. He is also looking forward for his comeback as a fighter and bring pride to his country once again.








Quezon City

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